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DARE would like to call attention to a serious problem facing every community!

Every city in America has more companion pets than owners. We live in a "disposable" society where loving pets are killed strictly because of overpopulation. Pet overpopulation is a cruel statistic that we as a society can prevent.

DARE is aware that animal shelters receive approximately 27 million pets annually of which 17 million companion animals are murdered. (PETA, 2001) The remaining 10 million are either killed upon arrival because (1) they are considered "unadoptable" (due to breed size, specific breed type, age, and/or temperament), (2) die due to contagious diseases within the shelters, (3) become part of a "pound seizure" which allows for unadopted pets to be sold or given to laboratories, or (4) are adopted or rescued (this percentage varies by shelter but a common shelter average is a mere 10% adoption/rescue rate).

Animal shelters are not to blame for these atrocious statistics. DARE advocates that all pets should be spayed or neutered with few exceptions* and hopes for a day when pet overpopulation is no longer a national crisis.

Spaying and neutering does not make pets fat and lazy, harm their health, or hurt their personalities, as some people mistakenly believe. Spaying not only reduces the stress and discomfort females endure during heat periods, but also eliminates the risk of uterine cancer and greatly reduces the chance of mammary cancer. Neutering makes males far less likely to roam or fight, and helps prevent testicular cancer. (Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, Alexandria, VA,"The Facts About Spaying and Neutering.")

Other quick stats to consider:

  • Approximately 2,500 kittens and puppies are born each hour in the United States. (Friends of Animals, Inc., "The Vicious Cycle.")
  • One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years (HSUS 1999)
  • "No homes for littermates" is one of the top ten reasons people relinquish their dogs to shelters (National Council on Pet Overpopulation 2000)
  • 30% of surrendered dogs are purebred (Journal of Applied Animal Welfare 1998)
  • 56% of all dogs and puppies entering shelters are killed (Shelter Statistics Survey 1998)
  • "for every baby born, 7 puppies are born" (USA Today 1999)
  • In only two years, New Hampshire´s new spay-neuter program resulted in a 38% decrease of pets turned into shelters. (Save Our Stays; New Hampshire Program 2001)

As responsible and knowledgeable rescuers, DARE requires that all pets belonging to a potential home are spayed or neutered prior to considering any adoption application. The reason for this is two fold. First, DARE feels it is critical that we take a stand publicly on the importance of spaying and neutering. Sadly, the statistics above show that the general public has not heard this message and by refusing to consider an application until existing pets are spayed or neutered is one way DARE can educate and impart how seriously we take this matter. It is not about placing one dachshund; it is about the bigger picture built by the statistics above. It is about changing the public´s perception of this shameful crisis so that the killing of homeless pets becomes a thing of the past.

Please spay or neuter your pet.

* DARE does not endorse spaying or neutering a pet when age is a factor or anesthesia allergy is a concern. Additionally, we accept the AKC show confirmation requirement that pets be intact and are not opposed to responsible champion lineage breeding for betterment of the breed.

South Florida currently has two mobile spay / neuter units that are operating FREE and Low Cost, they are both having problems getting enough appointments to fill a full day of surgeries.  Both units WILL neuter ferals!

The ARFF unit is completely FREE and you DO NOT need to be low income to take advantage of their services.  ARFF will spay/neuter cats, kittens and puppies, dogs up to 30lbs.  (one day a month they will neuter larger dogs) they will also give a penicillin shot, a rabies vaccine and a rabies tag - completely FREE.  I have been told they are now notching ears as well (if requested).  They are operating on Tuesdays, and are parked at Broward County Animal Care and Control (near the Ft. Lauderdale airport).  To schedule an appointment please call Nan at 954-252-8144 or 954-727-2733.

The MASH unit (through the Humane Society) is low cost and you DO NOT need to be low income to take advantage of their services either.  MASH will spay/neuter cats and kittens only (starting at $20), notch the ferals ear (upon request), give a penicillin shot, vaccinate, rabies shot, rabies tag ($12), all the basics... They operate several days a week and travel to different locations around the Ft. Lauderdale area.  To schedule an appointment please call the Humane Society MASH Unit at 954-266-6826.


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